Marital Therapy

A. To build a generation of true marital bliss in a godly way;

B. To make right the wrong norms in the 21st century marital relationship;

C. To heal as many broken hearts as possible;

D. To give hope to those that has missed it martially due to one mistake or the other in their past relationship;

E. To show love to those that have been hurt before and have decided never to love again;

F. To mould back the heart of those that has experienced broken heart and pick the pieces to be re-molded and re-branded for a future full of hope;

G. To open the eyes of all to the godly way of loving and being loved;

Rural Development

A. To revive the hope of the hopeless;

B. To show love to those who feels there is no love and are tired of life;

C. To encourage the discouraged, less privileged, orphans of a brighter tomorrow;

D. To give out gifts yearly to those in needs; mainly the rural dwellers;

Annual Youth Summit

Annual Youth Summit

It’s a yearly Summit aim at Christian Youths in different institutions and Youth gatherings to ignite their passion for a purposeful and relevant living even as Christians.

Nigeria Youth Arise Initiative

A. To give the youths of this country a right picture of a good leadership scheme;

B. To change their wrong mentality about Politics; from a game of Blood to a game of Boldness, from a game of Lies to a game of Sincerity, from a game of Connection to a game of Equal right;

C. To give youths who are ambitious to go for any political position platform to exhibit their leadership aspiration and vision;

D. To create a new Era of Leaders, who will lead with Justice, Fear of God, Equality and commitment to the masses;

Motivational Quotes for Today

Motivation Quote for today;

It’s a daily quote with lessons to motivate everyone into a life of success and fulfilment.

Everyone needs motivation in life and that is what MQFT is for.. to push you till you become who you are supposed to be.

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